Presenting a "prime-time-ready" network of talents trained by Chuck McKibben at Voiceover Island. In addition to working via the internet, the majority of the talents listed here are available to come to a studio of your choice in the Greater Philadelphia area (including New York). Voiceover Island is not a talent agency, and it charges no agents' or managers' fees. We also do not charge anyone to appear on this page. These talents appear here by special invitation only. A hard copy CD with featured talent is also availble upon request. Each artist sets his or her own rates, typically as a buyout, but all are eager to help bring a new sound to your project! Please call Chuck McKibben today at (215) 677-2295 or e-mail for more information.

All performers listed are independent contractors (IRS Code) and assume individual responsibility for any income taxes, Social Security contributions, etc. References made to companies, products or literary works in voiceover demos are for demonstration purposes only; they are not meant to imply that professional work has necessarily been performed for the company, product or publisher.

Bill Hollis
"Rock'n'Roll Dude"

Deep, Raspy, Powerful, Punchy


Chris Camillieri
"Voice of God"
Deep, Strong, Friendly, "Thunderthroat"
Commercials - Narration  

Ed Kalegi
"All American Sports Voice"
Warm, Conversational, Smooth, Authoritative

Sports Announcing Montage

Eric Crist
"Guy Next Door"
Authoritative, Casual, Energetic, Conversational

Joe Knapp
"Guy Next Door"
Natural, Relaxed, Friendly, Mid-range
Commercials - TV Promos

Joe Looby
"Voice of Wisdom"
Warm, Rich, Baritone, Fatherly, Mature
Commercials - Narration - AudioBooks

John Coulter
"Character Voice Specialist"
Regular, Working Guy, Friendly Dad, "Real Person"

Commercials - Character

Ken Dubois
"Favorite Granddad"
Trustworthy, Enveloping, Deep, Raspy

Ken Green
"Smooth Jazz" Voice
Rich, Authoritative, Smooth, Mature, Baritone

Mark Anthony Ashton
"In A World" Voice
Powerhouse, Dominant, Huge, Versatile

Matthew Chaprales
"Sports Promo Specialist"
High-Energy, Dynamic, Powerful, Exciting

Matt Sherman
"Youthful, Friendly Guy"
Real, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Sarcastic


Maven Bentley
"Pro-Wrestling Voice"
Tough, Aggressive, Powerful, Friendly, Gentle

Commercials - Narration

Michael J. Hall
"Friendly Suburban Dad"
Warm, Conversational, Authoritative, Spokesman

Commercials - Narration - Character

Michael Warner
"Youthful, Contemporary Voice"
Fresh, Quirky, Fun, Techie
Commercials - Narration - Character

Rich Liu
"Charcter Voice Specialist"
Generation Next, Ethnicity/Accent, Smooth, Soothing
Commercials - Narration - Character

Rick Hackman
"Mellow, Wise Father"
Gentle, Sincere, Thoughtful, Compelling

Tim Phelan
"Fresh, Energetic Voice"  
Friendly, Warm, Upbeat, Engaging, Conversational

Commercials - Narration



Angela Nevin
"Fun, Mom Voice"
Friendly, Clear, Professional, Authoritative

Anita Campbell-Lee
"Mature, Diginified Spokeswoman"
ArticulateEd , Warm, Fiesty, Comedic
Commercials - Narration

Deena Smith
"Lively, Young, Sparkling Voice"
Bright, Perky, Fun, Enthusiastic
Commercials - Narration

Denise Christinzio
"Luxuriously Upscale Spokeswoman"
Rich, Smooth, Alluring, Intimate

Diane Marketta
"Wide-ranging, Versatile Talent"
Warm, Sincere, Alluring, Fun
Commercials - Narration - Character

Elisabeth Bulzomi
"Pre-teen Voiceover Prodigy"
Exceptionally, Gifted Youngster

Hannah Dee
"Polished, Corporate Spokeswoman"
Earthy, Sensuous , Elegant, Silky

Jenna Leigh
"Young Girl Next Door"
Energetic, Bright, Smooth, Gentle
Commercials - Narration

Kris Ballerini
"All-American Mom"
Crisp, Upbeat, Vibrant, Natural
Commercials - Narration

Maggie Mustico
"All-Encompassing Performer"
Versatile, Comedic, Natural, Warm
Commercials - Narration - Character - Audiobook

Melanie Ehlrich
"Radiant, Sunny Voice"
Cheerful, Laid Back, Amiable, Warm


The talents who appear on this page are limited to those with whom I have worked extensively, and who I feel are "ready for prime time." Virtually all of them have built up their portfolios through my guidance, and their demos therefore represent not only their vocal interpretation skills, but also my influence as their audio producer/director. The only exceptions to those demos in which I've had a hand are the "real" productions for which the talents have been hired, that have been added to these compilations. I invite listeners to try to tell "actual" productions apart from those that are simply the mock-ups created in my classes!

This page is intended to focus the spotlight on my students exclusively. Since I am not a talent agent, I do not not seek to present talents here with whom I have no personal connection. You may submit demos to me for review, but please don't expect them to be accepted for posting unless we have established a significant working relationship. In other words, the people on this page aren't "just" voice talents; they are my protégés!

Of course, these brief samples (approx. 1.5 min each) are not representative of everything they can do. If you are a producing a project and would like to hear more, please contact me to REQUEST A CUSTOM DEMO. Thank You!

Chuck McKibben