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Chuck McKibben understands the challenges you face as a producer. Heís a New York-based voiceover artist and radio/TV production veteran with more than 30 years on both sides of the mic. Chuckís background includes serving as Studio Operations Manager for the legendary Mel Blanc ("Bugs Bunny") in Hollywood. (Chuck is seen here in session with "Master of Horror" Vincent Price). He's also been the in-house Broadcast Production Director for two New York ad agencies, and for more than 20 years, a free-lance announcer and narrator in The Big Apple. His credits include Time Warner Cable of NY, Crainís NY Business, the NY Metro Energy Council, Sony, RCA, Michelin and many others. These days he's voicing more and more sessions from his own ISDN-equipped studio on the Island. (Long Island, that is!)

Today, armed with 24-bit, uncompressed digital hard-drive recording and a lifetime of audio expertise, Chuck is making life a little easier for harried producers who visit Voiceover Island. Here, you can sample voice talent thatís really unique...a great selection of male and female voice artists capable of much more than the usual "staff announcer" delivery.

These voice actors are based here on the Island. Because they're nearby, itís possible to review their samples, have the talent you select audition by telephone, and then record your copy "live" via ISDN or analog phone patch, all on the SAME DAY. Thereís NO CHARGE for auditions; in most cases, we'll even demo a part of your script for FREE. Weíre not a talent agency - we take NO FEE for helping you find the ideal voices for your project. You simply book the talent directly, and avoid dealing with agents, managers and casting companies. Choose Chuck McKibben as your voice, and thereís also NO STUDIO CHARGE...just talent fee and materials. (Modest studio fees apply to sessions with other voices.) Many of the voices are non-union and will work for your agreed-upon buy-out price; AFTRA or SAG signatories will find union members here, too. On this Island, it's easy to obtain great voice talent for radio/TV spots, corporate narration, audiobooks, web sites and more. We deliver in all formats: via the web, CD, DAT, tape, etc. Call (516) 997-5795, Mon-Fri 8 AM-8PM Eastern to discuss your project. You may also call weekends with urgent jobs. Visitors always receive a warm welcome here on the Island!